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  • Residential

    During your estimate, we will assess the functionality of your roof, and the potential for an insurance claim.

    Every re-roof by KANGA-ROOFING, INC. includes: new vents, metal pipe boots and extra valley protection, full gutter cleaning and full yard clean up of our materials.

    In regards to the specifics of your purchase, we can offer: any make and model of shingle stocked in Middle Tennessee, upgrades from 3-tab to 3-D (architectural) shingles, standard and extended warranties and options to help guard against ice dams

  • Commercial

    KANGA-ROOFING, INC. is a certified installer of Versico Roofing Systems. We specialize in commercial leak repairs and EPDM (rubber) re-roofs. For inquiries regarding New Construction, please send bid information to

  • Insurance Claims

    The majority of home owners are unaware that their roofs have been compromised by past storm damage. All too often we arrive for a repair estimate and find storm damage that might be cause for our customer to file an insurance claim.

    KANGA-ROOFING, INC. has extensive experience in working with all the major homeowner insurance companies in the Middle Tennessee region.

    At your request, we are willing and able to meet with your insurance adjuster at the time of the roof inspection to represent your best interest.

  • Repairs

    KANGA-ROOFING, INC. is equipped to conduct a wide variety of repairs; most notably, we repair:

    • roof leaks
    • chimney leaks
    • rotting wood
    • mold
    • poor ventilation
    • ceiling and wall damage
    • interior stains
    • and bringing older houses up to meet current building codes
  • Shingles, EPDM, Metal

    As a Certified Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning, OC shingles are our tried-and-true manufacturer for shingle supplies. However, KANGA-ROOFING, INC. is able to acquire any make and model of shingle that is stocked within the Middle Tennessee region. Ask to see our sample books when we arrive for your free estimate!

    For flat roofs, commercial or residential, ask us about EPDM (rubber) roofs and patches. Or, you can find more information from Versico Roofing Systems, of which KANGA-ROOFING, INC. is a certified installer.

    Quality metal roofing material, when installed correctly, could last you a lifetime. If you are interested in this level of investment, please let us know when we arrive for your estimate so that we can provide you with an ideal price.

  • Soffit, Fascia, Gutters

    In addition to roofs, KANGA-ROOFING, INC. is able to install, replace, and repair soffit, fascia and gutters.

    Please contact us for questions or to arrange an estimate for:

    • 5” and 6” continuous gutters
    • gutter screen options
    • custom fabrication of fascia metal
    • installation of vinyl soffit and/or soffit vents

    “White” is the most popular color choice for these pieces. If you would like to explore other color options, please ask to see our sample books when we arrive for your estimate.

  • Siding & Trim

    Vinyl siding is available in several different grades, grains, styles and colors. KANGA-ROOFING, INC. can install all types of vinyl siding, as well as help type and color match existing material. Contact us today to ask about the options we have available.

    Protect the exterior wood of your home with custom metal wrapping for the trim of your doors and windows, and never have to paint them again!

  • Ventilation

    Older homes tend not to have adequate roof ventilation, as Tennessee building standards have not always required roof vents as part of new construction.

    All new, residential, construction in Tennessee is required to have roof ventilation…and for good reason. Proper air flow will help extend the lifespan of your roof by aiding in prevention of moisture and heat buildup that could cause the shingles to curl on your roof, or even cause mold to grow in your attic.

    KANGA-ROOFING, INC. can assess your roof and offer the best recommendation for optimal ventilation. We provide expert installations of ridge vent, turbines, box, and soffit vents.

  • Interior

    When roofs leak there is often ceiling and wall damage. KANGA-ROOFING, INC. can remove and replace your damaged drywall, insulation and rotted wood, then, finish off with a re-surface, re-texture and fresh paint. If you have been considering repainting the entire room (maybe even with a different color?), then ask us about our full painting service during your free estimate. Your walls will look as good as new!

  • More

    KANGA-ROOFING, INC. has the skill set to handle most home and business building projects. If the information for a service you were interested in was not found on our website, contact us today and ask Andrew or his team directly.

    We also provide such services as Roof Reports and gutter clearing, for a small fee.

BBB Accredited Business

We encourage all of our customers to research through the Better Business Bureau.Check out our A+ rating!

Financing Now Available

As a Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning, we are able to offer our interested customers the opportunity for assistance with their roofing investment

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Kanga-Roofing, Inc.
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Greg Wood
Greg Wood
What an incredible experience with Kanga Roofing of Clarksville . Andy and his worker did a wonderful job and explained all they had done. Neena was very nice in calling me to say they were on there way. They cleaned up and quietly. Highly recommend this more
Sarah Reese
Sarah Reese
Came out for an estimate the very next day after calling them. After finalizing a new color and everything they were out 3 days later to install. Everyone was super friendly and they even took the time to wave and smile at my daughter watching them through the window. Great quality company all around! Thanks again Kanga!read more
Shawn Sandé
Shawn Sandé
After purchasing our home (6 months ago) & discovering that previous owners did not do any of the repairs under the contracts they signed. I had to seek out someone quick to fix the leaking roof! There was a dead space at the end of a valley where water had been seeping through for years. The wood was rotted & I called 5 companies to repair the valley & area. Andy & Nina came out within 20 minutes of my call. Got up on the roof & told me about the dead space & the reason it happened. Basically poor planning on construction. He noted the half-Azz job done at repairing the flashing. Explained that he would need to make a cricket there to help the valley drain properly. When he came off the roof he thought the roof age was 20 years because of the deterioration- it's only 12!!! Only 2of the other companies showed up for quotes, neither got up on roof. Neither said a word about what was causing the problem or how to prevent it. And BOTH were much higher than Kanga's estimate. While discussing our options we discovered another leak in rear where previous owners (AGAIN) failed to do contracted repair to a pipe boot - at this point with the knowledge we had of 2 known leaks, wood damage, drainage issues & the shingles not aging well. We decided to use kanga since Andy seem the most knowledgeable & honest. Plus he was very reasonable in his pricing. I called him again & asked for another quote to do the entire roof! He quickly got me an estimate- the pitch of the roof is REALLY high & he was able to get the square footage & pitch from satellite image of the home. We agreed to the job & Nina came out a few hours later to let me choose color of shingles. We signed the contract & they came out the beginning of the next week. There was an issue with distributer of the shingles in contract- but she was able to get the same color in a higher quality shingle at no extra cost to me. The workers showed up around 7:30am & began the process of ripping off everything. On the rear Andy said the whirl vents were to low so they would install them higher. We also discovered 2 spots over the soffits in rear that leaks were beginning- luckily no real wood damages. They couldn't finish the first day as they ran out of shingles. So they returned the following afternoon. They cleaned up walking areas the first day & swept with magnet for nails. The filling day they cleaned up much more thoroughly & made sure to go over all surrounding areas with the magnet. I can't express how happy we were with the whole process, Andy was on site several times throughout the day checking on things. The workers were very polite. This is how it should be by all companies!! BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!read more

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